A wide range of Chefs Jackets, Chef Trousers, Aprons, Hats, Footwear and other accessories.

This section includes a wide range of bakeware in aluminium, tin, non-stick and silicone.

Trays, mats, cutters, moulds, piping bags and baking utensils of all description. Plus Dockers, Rollers, Moulds and Scrapers etc

A comprehensive range of Barware items including Cocktail Shakers, Ice Crushers, Measures, Openers, Wine Buckets, Bar Utensils etc

A range of brushware especially pertinent to the hospitality industry.

Clearance and Special products are all of our items that aren't quite normal stock.

They might be discontinued, have damaged packaging, been previously opened by a customer and returned, or any number of other reasons.

There is limited stock of each item but you might just find the perfect deal.

A wide range of cookware including stainless steel, aluminium, non-stick and steel.

Includes ACF, Arcoroc Opal, Bia,Brew, Duraceram/Pacific, Mayfair,Orion, Royal Porcelain Chelsea, Royal Porcelain Maxim, Vitroceram, Basalt, Bevande , Zuma and Artistica

Cutlery is available in Basic, Hospitality Standard, Intermediate and Premium Categories and the following patterns are available:

  • Basic - Storm, Austwind, Oslo
  • Hospitality Standard - 501, Aristocrat, Atlantis, Carlton, Consort, Isabelle, Luxor, Melrose, Melbourne, Princess, Sorrento, York
  • Intermediate - Amalfi, Bogart, Cairo, Casino, Elite, Gable, Mirabelle, Oxford, Panama, 
  • Premium - Alexis, Aswan, Concorde, Eiffel, Elegance, Florence, Harley, Milano, Monaco, Monte, Sienna, Strand , Bellini, Scarlatti, Mascagni, Baugette, Albany, Clarenden, Libra

18/0 Cutlery is 18% Chromium and 0% Nickel

18/8 Cutlery is 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel

18/10 Cutlery is 18% Chromium and 10% Nickel

The higher the Nickel percentage the more resistant it is to corrosion.

Dishwasher and Glasswasher Racks and accessories

A range of Enamelware items. Durable and scratch resistant. Dishwasher safe. Available in Blue / White , Black Speckle , Green , Blue 

This section includes light and heavy equipment for a wide range of applications.

Including Beer, Beer Handles, Dessert, Tumblers, Wine, Cocktail, Specialty, Carafes and Bottles, Jugs, Shot, Port, Irish Coffee, Sundry etc

Insulated Meal Delivery System. Twin wall design with foam. Suitable for hot or cold retention. Dishwasher safe under normal conditions. Extremely durable. Outstanding heat holding capabilities. Not suitable for use in microwave ovens.

A vast selection of Kitchenware items including Can openers, Colanders, Cooling Racks, Cutting Boards, Steam Pans, Graters, Mixing Bowls, Scoops, Scrapers, Spoons, Tongs, Utensils, Whisks and numerous other items

A large range of Sharpeners, Peelers , Accessories , Rolls and Cases , Tools , Knife Sets and others

Traditional Japanese Knife from the makers of Global Knives 

A selection of Tea Towels , Glass Cloths , Dishcloths, Tablecloths and Napkins

A range of Super White Bowls, Dishes, Cups, Mugs, Tumblers, Plates, Saucers, Trays, Platters etc.

Dishwasher safe but not suitable in Microwaves or Ovens. Heavy Duty Glazing.

Various miscellaneous equipment found in the kitchen.

Range of Pizza Pans , Cutters, Peels, Boards

A wide range of Kitchen and Industrial Scales to meet all needsĀ 

A wide range of Servingware and accessories including Teapots, Coffee Pots, Jugs, Airpots, Insulated Servers, Vacuum Jugs, Coffee Decanters and accessories etc

A wide range of Tabletop equipment and accessories for the Buffet including Displayware items

A wide range of Storage Containers, Pails, Bins, Dollys etc

A wide selection of assorted Thermometers

A range of Digital and Wind-up Timers

A wide selection of Platters and Trays


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