Clearance & Specials

Clearance and Special products are all of our items that aren't quite normal stock.

They might be discontinued, have damaged packaging, been previously opened by a customer and returned, or any number of other reasons.

There is limited stock of each item but you might just find the perfect deal.

  Name SKU Description Category Price

Ashtray Table Stainless Steel Square 140mm

Miscelleanous $2.00
Foil Platter Disposable

Mr Foil Catering Platter Disposable 420 x 280 x 25mm

Miscelleanous $2.00
Foil Roasting Dish

Mr Foil 108 Foil Rectangular Roasting Dish Disposable 325 x 270 x 60mm

Miscelleanous $2.00
Foil Roasting Dish

Mr Foil 204 Foil Roasting Dish Oval Disposable 460 x 337 x 76mm

Miscelleanous $3.00
Siena Tumbler 210ml

Bormioli Rocco Siena Tumbler 210ml

Clearance & Specials $1.75
Baking Trays and Sheets 95980010

KK Baking Sheet 325 x 305 Non Stick

Baking Trays , Oven Trays and Baking Sheets $6.00
Cake and Sponge Tins

Heart Tin Mini , Made of Tin

Cake and Sponge Tins - Assorted Shapes $4.00
Cutter Set



Cutters and Cutter Sets $10.00


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